Purchasing Dispatch Reports

Determine where outsourcing is needed based on over allocations of internal resources, and then keep all of your purchased materials and subcontractors on track with a single, concise report. Purchasing dispatch reports prioritize subcontracted tasks and materials based on critical path timing, to keep your workcenter running smoothly.

Easily Determine Outsourcing Needs

See purchased materials and subcontracted tasks, and manage all suppliers from a single report. When implemented with the resource planner module, graphs quickly show where internal resources have been over allocated, providing the purchasing manager with the information needed to make outsourcing decisions. Then, with just three mouse clicks, internal tasks can be moved to subcontracted tasks, and all reports immediately reflect the change.

resource levels
purchasing report

Purchasing Decisions Made Easy

The purchasing dispatch report provides the purchasing manager with all of the information needed to track all of the subcontracted work and purchased materials for an entire workcenter. The report is listed in order of priority, and includes planned start and finish dates, actual start dates, and the planned work for each vendor.

Customization and Training

Let's face it - one size does not fit all. Let our team of experts assist you with custom fields, train you on how to make decisions based on the report data, and show you how to export to Excel for further manipulation - all with the needs of your business.