predictive scheduling whiteboard

Predictive Scheduling

MS Project’s scheduling engine is one of the most powerful tools in the software, and yet it is largely either unused or improperly implemented. Take back control with this predictive scheduling module, which shows the critical path for all projects.

Forecast Trouble

Actual slippage for any project is reflected all the way to the finish date. This allows program managers to see troubled projects before it’s too late, so that a recovery plan can be put in place.

predictive scheduling

Best Practices

Project family templates, critical path task setup rules, and other best practices are implemented and taught, to ensure that this powerful engine works optimally for your organization.

See It, Control It

The old adage that you can’t control it if you can’t see it is critical to improving Time to Market. This module enables your organziation to quickly see the impact of project slippage, and control it in time.