budget report

Budget Performance

After implementing the World Class Program Management tools, your workcenter has the ability to automatically generate updated budget reports. These reports compare actual man hours vs. the baseline man hours that were established in the budget, for all projects.

On Time and On Budget

BNW's World Class Program Management tools enable your business to be On Time and On Budget, for every project. Become a world class business with the complete suite of program management tools, which enable budget tracking, and easy to use budget reports that are always up to date.

budget balance
budget balance

Accurate Budget Performance Data

By integrating your resource and schedule systems, your workcenter can produce accurate budget performance reports, at the end of the month, at project closeout, or whenever you need an up to date status.

Customization and Training

Customize your budget reports based on your needs, and get the same, consistent reporting for every project. Our program managers will work with you to create the report the way you want it, and train you to use it in your day-to-day business operations.