resource planning

Resource Planner

Integrate generic resources and their corresponding work calendars with the project schedule to accurately manage resources across multiple projects. The resource center module yields more realistic forecasting of resource demand vs resource capacity, enabling resource managers to proactively implement corrective actions, such as adding overtime, in order to meet project timing.

How We Do It

Our team of experts will work with you to establish generic resources for your work center, and incorporate their work calendar into MS Project Server. We then assign them into project family templates to load each task with work. Resources are then scheduled based on critical path timing for all projects.

generic resources

Balance Resources

By seeing work load imbalances, resource managers can then test alternative approaches of applying more resources, approving overtime, or subcontracting out work, to ensure that the most cost effective approach is used to complete all projects on time.

Customization and Training

Detailed instructions and coaching ensures that this module continues to provide the work center with successful capacity forecasting on both existing and future projects.